A few days later

There are no outraged reports in the international media about the stabbing in the Dresden courtroom. Her only crime was  that she wore a hijab. A German stabbed her, before she could give her statement in a full courtroom. She was suing him for racism, he stabbed her, pregnant et al– in front of her young son. Her husband tried to stop it and they assumed that because he is a Muslim, he was going to attack. And he was shot by a policeman and now in critical condition. The late ‘her’ was Egyptian. So is her husband. And their young son witnessed this mini ‘holocaust’.

I thought a few days after this outrageous piece of news I would be calmer when I think about it. I am not. I had ( unjustifiedly so, I admit ) lashed out at the husband ( at home )  and the MIL ( via email ) the first thing when I read about it on alJazeera. The husband was of course as outraged as I am but MIL, oh well…nevermind. Call it emotional ja but this is racism at its worst, which I had tasted a bit, there.

What irked me the most is that had it been the other way round, e.g  the Muslim stabs the German, every other page on the international media will cry foul.

May justice be served. Gulasche doesn’t seem to whet my appetite anymore….


5 thoughts on “A few days later

  1. Kak Al,
    Exactly my point ya. This incident happened 4th of July.. it took so long for a comprehensive coverage, and alot of cover ups even by the German online news…

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