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It’s like being deprived of having your favourite meal for a long time and when you get the next opportunity, the taste is just so nice that you feel like you want the meal to last forever. Well at least it felt like that for me. After being out of training for 2 months, I stepped into the dojo yesterday not without feeling a bit of apprehension and nervousness. I don’t think I would have broken my leave from training if not for their presence and I was glad I did it.

He’s famous in Indonesia for being that sensei who trains the special force unit of the military. In fact he is the teacher of a couple of our own teachers. Him and his wife run aikido dojos all over Jakarta. In fact we had wanted to have a stint in one of their dojos when we were in Jakarta last year but alas, he and his wife were in Medan and our paths didn’t cross. This time round in Malaysia, when we got news they are coming to teach for a week, I’ve made up my mind I had to be there, although I have not properly ‘healed’. So yeah, we’ve finally managed to train under the Sensei.Hakim and his wife, Sensei.Shanti.

The session, somehow if I can put it more coherently– turned out to be almost like a sufi ‘suhbah’ session in a dojo setting. The way he taught was like a sufi shaykh sitting in the semi-circle of murids, teaching us the extremely very basic albeit the most important fundamentals of the art, the whole spirituality of it , the connection between this art and the universe, with our natural way of life, the way our Creator intends it to be. We were reminded of the ‘intention’ before beginning everything else, the purity of the heart in it — no sincerity/purity of the heart= kaput techniques and how every part of it is applicable to our lives. And about controlling and crushing our ‘nafs’ / ego before we even start to practice this art, about respecting those who oppose us and about us facing our deadliest enemy– ourselves. And also, about focusing and controlling the mind from wondering about senseless things. And about positive thinking–about anything, anyone and everything. And about the 3 important goals of learning — 1) knowledge 2) wisdom 3) intuition. And.. oh so many other things.

So after the class, husband and myself  had a bit of chit-chat with him, where we commented that the deeper we go into aikido, the more it made us uncannily realise that it is so tightly similar to Islamic values especially the sufistic approach to life and the faith. He shared with us that when he was training in Japan, he mentioned the same thing to his teacher and his Japanese sensei replied to him that ‘of all the students here, you are the one who should find the most relevance in this art, simply because you are a Muslim’

For the first time I left the dojo at midnight, fresh and elated from the session. Somehow I felt as though I just came back from a spa holiday–rejuvenated, refreshed and recharged.

I am officially back in training. Onegaishimas!

…life is picking up and is good! 😛

This video was taken from but not of our training. This was in his dojo in Jakarta


2 thoughts on “Back in

  1. You have a wondeful writing style, I read the post a few times – It’s deep and has a beautiful, dreamy, spiritual flow to it.
    Thank you

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