The other half

The first half of the year has been good, although I feel it could have been better. I’ve completed some stuffs I set out to achieve like going back to training (aikido) after a self-declared holiday in December, weaning off fast-food and meat to become a pescetarian, pick up more skills – called for an ustazah to come to the house to brush up my mengaji and tajwid once a week, went for the translators course at the ITNM, shed some kilos ( not much.. just 4 kgs to date but oh well ! ) and amongst other things, improved my relationship with the other woman in the husband’s life aka my mil.

I wonder what the next half of the year will bring on. Life has a way of packaging surprises and throw it onto you when you least expect it. But it has been quite an ok year so far and I hope it can stay that way or even better.

And oh, I watched Departures, the Japanese film which even Yas.mi.n Ah/m.a/d blogged about and I like it alot. For the first time I saw the Japanese funeral rites and their almost similar way in handling ( cara mandi mayat ) the deceased to the Muslim one is quite uncanny. The film was really poignant and gives a good insight to the Japanese cosmology, worldview and mannerism which we all can learn from in one way or another.


2 thoughts on “The other half

  1. Percicilan,
    You got that right about life is full of surprises. And congratulations on getting rid of those kilos. 8.8 lbs, girrlllllll

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