While he is sleeping

There is something therepeutic about watching Milo sleep. He would curl his paws and sometimes give cute whimpers as though he is having some kind of a dream. He drools too. We’ve had other cats before Milo and Tito but Milo is the only one from amongst our feline companions that drools in his sleep. Sticky, slobbery saliva which sometimes sticks onto the floor on which he sleeps on, or on my blouse or shirt if he happens to choose my comfy body as his mattress. But that is rare. He loves the cold terrazo flooring or the warm carpet or simply our bed, with his head on our pillow. When that happens , he would sometimes stretch that half asleep stretch,  and if I happen to be near, reach out to my face for a quick sniff to make sure that it is me that he is sleeping on or next to and then go back to his deep slumber.


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