Krispy and Kremeee

So it is now settled that they have nicely  landed on Malaysia’s shore, giving the overly sweet and dense Dunkin’ and the oh so delicious Big Apple a run for their money. In midvalley, it’s nicely tucked in about 10 metres away from Dunkin and a corner away from Big Apple. Of course, the sinfully  ( but a tad too sweet, I find ) delicious KrispeKreme is here, tantalising and cajoling us to add more calories in the already hard to resist food haven.

Oh well, I had 2 for brekky with old friends on holiday here yesterday. New York cheesecake donut ( which was so rich it was ‘muak’ towards the end ) and the freshly fried original glaze, which we were all given free, hot and piping. Washed them down with ice latte.  Ohhhh.

In denial, I rightfully reminded myself that Ramadan is coming 😛 … Alas…before I left, I couldn’t resist parting with another Rm 2.80 to wolf down their chocolate cake flavoured donut. Ya, it’s nice to be here :))

Image taken from here.


2 thoughts on “Krispy and Kremeee

  1. Percicilan,
    I have to admit KK’s donut is far superior than DD’s donut, but they only lasted two months when they opened their store here in Boston four of five years ago. More reasons to be physically active, eh?

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