Get up, now.

I have not written about aikido for a long time because I have been out of training for two months almost for health reasons ( and no it is not pregnancy, as suspected by fellow classmates ). I miss it very much but as a senior in class reminded me, it is not just about the physical training, it is about a way of life.

The one extremely important lesson I learnt in aikido is the ‘ukemi’. That is the falling technique. To fall gracefully.

I have since realised that ‘ukemi’ is not just about falling and landing nicely on the mats of the dojo, in the ‘hakama’, while sparring with the ‘uke’. It is about practising it in life where there are days when one really needs to fall, so that one can learn to get up again and continue fighting. And then fall again. The more ‘ukemi’ we do, the more graceful our falls become. This, I realised happens in my life as well. The more often I fall, the more graceful I take my failures and the stronger I get up to face life’s ‘uke’ . Challenges in life I have since learnt, are like ‘uke’. They are not really opponents, just sparring partners to teach one the martial art of life.


2 thoughts on “Get up, now.

  1. percicilan,
    Hope you’re okay. Haven’t been here for a while. Agree with you about ukemi in life. The numbers of fall we had in the past teach us how to land gracefully and safely in the future.

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