Before I start working on the assignment…

I have been busy with assignments and lessons which gives me very little time to stop and think on what to write about. Let’s start with Ramadan then. Since it’s coming anyway…

Ramadan is around the corner and I hope this year I don’t wait till Ramadan to become all holy and all of a sudden, dive in to start practicing all the sunnahs, read the Quran yada yada yada. It seems so hypocritical when I do that, like as though only Ramadan brings about the importance of being close to my Creator. It should be an on going process, no?

I polished off two packets of Rm 1 nasi lemak before typing this down. The evidence that I am quite far away from the preparations of Ramadan.

Oh well, there is always later, kan?   😉

Next Wednesday is the first day of Rejab. It will be a good time to shed off the excess fats I’ve accumulated while munching on chocolates while studying and doing assignments.


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