He just didn’t get it

Tito just doesn’t get it. In order to mate, he has to get out of the house compound, find himself a tabby he fancies and be done and over with. But nooo.. he paces back and forth in the house, walks angrily around in the garden, howl on top of his lungs, get mad and irritable with us and his brother, Milo— everything, except go out to look for a tabby. 

Eh hello boy, you want a mate, you jolly well get out of the house and look for a nice tabby yourself. You can’t expect us to look for one for you. You don’t have matchmaking.com for cats, you can’t expect a tabby to come over to answer to your mating calls. It doesn’t work that way. Get it? Now get out now and stop driving all of us nuts with your constant howling. The students need to study and I cannot go beyond explaining the biological aspect of your situation at the moment other than ‘ Tito tengah nak kawin’ because they have been answering me with ‘ Nak kawin kenapa pekik-pekik macam backside dia sakit??? ‘

So Tito, you get it? Now go !


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