A cat-ty situation

We have a bit of a situation at the moment. Our little Tito started howling since yesterday evening, around 5 pm all the way till this morning at dawn. Which really means that none of us could sleep. 

He is 13 months old as of this month. Which means it is high time he reaches puberty. I read online that home-bound cats reach puberty later than street cats. When Milo reached puberty, he had with him his gangly tom ‘brudders’ around the neighbourhood responsible for teaching him the ways of the (cat ) world. AND, being the social boy that he is, he had no problems finding tabby(s ) or to fight for one.

Tito on the other than is an anti-social cat. As I have written before, the only friends he has are Milo and ourselves. He has been trying to get us to ‘help’ him with his situation, he howled and howled– but from inside the house expecting us to help him with something, or anything! But duh… all he really needs is a tabby. Which of course, the late bloomer that he is ( he was extremely sick in the first 3 months, oxygen tank, vet hospital stay .. the complete works ) and hence he is a bit ‘terencat’ in his ( does it ever exist in cats? ) cognitive development. Things that cats of his breed have achieved at certain age, he would only achieve those 3 or 4 months later. So when a normal house bred tom cat reaches puberty at 9 months old, yesterday, at 13 months, he reached the finishing line.

Is there a matchmaking.com for cats? I need a tabby fast.


2 thoughts on “A cat-ty situation

  1. eh my yuki, too. he turns 11 months this june. been yowling since couple of months back.

    most times i reply to his yowling by calling out to him and asking him to come over. some times it works, other times not (and he continues yowling, much to my chagrin).

    hubby’s usual response to him, “yuki nak kahwin eh? pegi carik girlfren!”

  2. Irritating kan the howling. It went through the whole night, he is irritable and all. Usually dia dgn Milo the best of friends sekarang the sight of his brother pun dia tak boleh tahan…and howl and howl again… Kesian lah. The problem is, there are many tabbies around the neighbourhood but NONE interested in him… not even our next door neighbour’s tabbies, which previously are very ok with MILO !

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