Arrivals and Departure

This morning while having breakfast I got an sms from a friend back home that their mother lost in the her battle with cancer. As I am typing this now, the funeral is going on back at their home in BedokReservoir. Both the arwah’s daughters are my friends, both went to the same school as I did and we all had that bit of friendship history which went back a very long way back.

These days when old friends meet up whether online or in person, very often amongst the first few questions would always be ‘ Your parents sihat?’ It is different from say, at least 10 years ago when the first question would always be, ‘ So what are you doing now?’ . Recent reunions amongst old friends in FB or those who had dropped by to visit me here, had me discovering that some of their parents, whom we had been familiar with  back then during raya visits/girls hang out sessions/doing projects together/ lunch-dinner invites etc had already passed on. Mine are still alive, thankfully so. I hope that even though I’ve been, for quite a while already not living on the same land as them, I don’t ever forget to appreciate their presence because certainly, I cannot picture the day I meet up with an old friend and have answer to the question of  ‘Your parents sihat?’, I would have to answer it in any other way other than, ‘ Oh sihat alhamdulillah’

Two friends each had a new addition to their families in the last week. A couple we are quite close to got themselves a baby girl and another friend of ours got himself a 2nd baby boy. Such is the cycle of life where it is the dawn of a new era for some, it ended the life span of another. I guess that is HIS way of creating the balance right?


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