About longing

My teacher, Shaykh Hisham was in my hometown giving a whole series of suhbahs including one at the expo hall. It turned out to be a big event and series of jam packed lectures. The blessed island my hometown is. Scholars are always able to make their way there.

A month or so before he even arrived, there were alot of anticipation and excitement especially from fellow murids in the committee bringing him in. I am not so lucky this time round. He was actually at the zawiyah here one Thursday night but I had commitment myself to an aikido function we had for one of our leaving murids (of aikido) and I missed being in the presence of my shaykh to be at the home of my sensei. 

I miss being in his presence. I miss being in a congregation with him. I miss zikir sessions led by him. I miss the calmness and soothing voice of his advice. I miss his suhbahs and his lectures. It is in times like this we need the wisdom of the scholars most.


2 thoughts on “About longing

  1. Oh dang, I should have texted u. The Expo event was streamed on sufilive.com. sorry dearie.

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