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They would often look overwhelmed by the attention showered upon them, especially from the paparazzi for the day. The day when even a plain Jane and the Joe next door would look good and are genuinely admired by many for many different reasons.

I love weddings, especially looking at the cluelessness of the bride and groom on what lay ahead once the day is over. When the last bit of make up has been wiped off and the new life ahead which begins once the honeymoon is over. The whole rite of passage is, to me is so symbolic for the change of the season of life that they are going to experience. Of learning to continue loving in acceptance, the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with despite the differences, idiosyncracies, habits and everything else. Nothing else, I personally find, can be as challenging as it ( marriage ).

The tea ceremony went on very well and the toiling and sleepless night was well worth it. Everyone loved the small cups of cheesy desserts and the bride and groom loved their wedding cake, which I made– with Tito keeping me company throughout the whole night. Fresh red roses on pinkish berry wedding cheesecake, as I discovered turned out really pretty. So the labour intensive moment was well worth it, as for the first time I had gone to a wedding and I had the opportunity to say, hey I like the wedding cake.. and oh hey, I made it :).

Not to be an ego maniac but more of like a much needed booster for the rough times we are going through at the moment. But then again, in my tiredness, I forgot to take a photo of it. Blergh…


4 thoughts on “Next page, please.

  1. sometimes it’s nice to have some sort of celebration to take our mind off some things. hope whatever you’re’ll pull thru..and be stronger. take care =)

  2. Thanks Is,
    Yeah it’s a bit tough, but if you remember what we went through 07 dec, this one’s not as tough as THAT, and for that I am thankful 🙂

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