Between the two

I put Tito on a diet because his belly is getting too big and he is getting as fat as garfield. He sleeps most of the time as well. On the other hand, Milo is losing alot of weight due to the lack of appetite.

Between Tito and Milo, personality wise they are both very different. Milo is the more sociable of the two and is a part of the neighbourhood gang of toms. Sometimes we can see him walk around with his gang of toms, ‘step macho’. In those moments, when we called out to him, he would totally ignore us, pretending he doesn’t know us at all, or pretending he didn’t hear us at all. And would continue walking with the other toms in a gangly manner. He seems to have playmates outside of the house as well, be it the next door Tom or the alley cats. He has come of age and had taken a liking to the next door tabby. And I caught them in the act one fine afternoon. Soon, we would hear of our next door tabby pregnant? And our once little kitten Milo, would then be a father. Time flies.

Tito on the other hand is very anti-social. His only friend being Milo, his elder brother of 5 months from the same mother and father. He stays at home all the time, does not have any friends, doesn’t even go out of the house compound. He eats and sleeps and watches snails in the garden. All his activities are usually alone, or with Milo. Once we helped nurse a kitten with a broken leg which belongs to one of the students. Tito was so mad about it that he stayed in the room for a week, at the most the dining area and refused to get anywhere out ( as the kitten was put in the cage outside the house ). Each time we brought the kitten in, he hissed and tried to start a fight with the little one, in all gusto of a big bully. Unlike Milo, who sniffed and licked the ailing kitten like a welcoming god-brother.


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