Passport to heaven

It all started with a BM comprehension passage about Prophet Lut. Then it went on to the homosexuality issues found in there because the 11 year old girl started asking ‘ how can man marry man and woman marry woman?’. And the 12 year old boy, who is a little bit informed about the affairs of life asked, ‘ Oh teacher, is it like now that they have gays and lesbians?’

And I had to juggle between explaining in a non-homophobic way but at the same time ‘non-consenting due to faith issues’ manner. Luckily, both their families are from the same faith approach as I am, so the discussion went along the common line.

Then suddenly the girl quipped, ‘ Teacher, I have the next two years or so to die..’ She said so as a matter of factly I couldn’t tell whether it was a joke or otherwise. It was not a joke. She really meant it. I asked why. ‘Ohhh …!’ She exclaimed in the full grandeur of an excited pre-pubescent kiddo. ‘ I read that, if you die as a child, you would straight away go to heaven. Once I get my period, I will be an adult, and then as an adult, I would definitely be tempted to do so many wrong things.That makes it harder for me to go to heaven. If I die before I get my period, I will die as a child and definitely go to heaven! So I want to die before I get my period lah !!’

Whooopsy. Before I could even regain my composure on how to tackle that, the boy suddenly added, with all his 12 year old wisdom. ” Hey you know what, I have been thinking about that too, alot lately actually. That I have about 2 years or so before I reach puberty. It would be nice to die before that and straight away get the passport to heaven!!’

I took one minute to breathe in. Another minute to breathe out. Rolled up my sleeves and told myself, it’s time to get down to business!


8 thoughts on “Passport to heaven

  1. Akif is NOT as informed as this. Though he knows that his little sis went to heaven 😀

  2. Oh wait till Akif is at least 11, then it’s time to do some brain games with ‘worldly vs spiritual’ issues 🙂

    and I seriously thought I am just a language teacher.. blergh

  3. I’m sorry but hahahahahah…….their parents had an intresting way of explaining to them the concept of puberty and the sins that eventually comes along with it huh!! 🙂

  4. Rozas,
    As I’ve written above, the girl said she read about it. So I think that’s why she came to her own conclusion because had it been the parents, I think they would freak out if she had told them she wants to die before puberty.

    And as for the boy ( not related to the girl ), he goes to the yem/eni international school here so and hence came up with this deduction through his peers. His own parents, from what I know have no clue that he wants to die young!


  5. rozas,
    now that you’ve mentioned it, I have been observing the kids here through teaching, I find them to be more reflective, contemplative and have a wider perspective on things, compared to the kids I used to have back home in govt school ( very good at doing worksheets and memorizing facts ).

    I guess I have come to my own conclusion that the lack of worksheets here and overly manic focus on results allow them time to explore things on their own, read on their own and come to their own conclusion about things, which are pretty interesting, really 🙂

  6. interesting interaction n insights.

    they do ask good questions n are pretty smart these days. i do thk e kids in singapore can be reflective if we give them e space n opportunity to. most times they r bogged down by worksheets n homework.

  7. Is,
    I agree with you on that one. I’ve came across some really intelligent kids in SG but most of the time their main concern is finishing their worksheets and homework in time before rushing off to their next tuition. Not much time for them to think and reflect… and that’s years back, now should be worse kan? Since things are more competitive there now..

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