Pitter Patter

I read, that when it rains it is good to make a prayer for anything that we may want or need. Any request asked upon HIM while the sky opens up for the rain to fall, in all of HIS wisdom, would be granted swiftly.

Yesterday it rained cats and dogs and monkeys and elephants. Complete with the thunderstorm, which actually was a tad scary.
And I made that prayer, over and over and over again. I’ve never wanted something so badly in my life, till now.


2 thoughts on “Pitter Patter

  1. My mum pulak cakap bila guruh tengah berdentam dentum, paling afdhal berdoa. Entah dari mana dia dengar, tapi mungkin ada kena mengena jugak dengan waktu hujan lebat apabila bumi dicurah rezeki.

  2. Where I read came from some Sufi Tales book. And a few times already I read in many ( other ) narrations of the said practice but yeah, mostly in tassawuf and sufistic oriented publications…

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