Pick me up

I’ve not written about food for quite a while already. Probably because I am now fully settled in my blood type diet, have changed the larder contents  accordingly and the withdrawal symptoms have left me completely, sans anymore cravings for this and that. 

This book tries to teach kids that ‘ we are not what we have‘. An there is also a saying that ‘we are what we eat’. Together, they will make the sentence ‘ we are not what we have, but we are what we eat’ . Make sense? I think it does, at least to me. 

Talking about food, sometimes once in a while I do indulge in some ‘pick me ups’. I think I deserve it after trying very hard on the day to day basis to cook and eat healthy, using organically grown ingredients too. My ‘pick me ups’ is literally Pick Me Up, or the Italian meaning to it –Tiramisu. The best I’ve tasted here was just last Friday, before my mobile phone got stolen. Met up former schoolmate and currently fellow crossover Al, who is staying ten minutes away from us with her Bosnian husband. She’s been here longer than myself and I only knew that recently.

So we had our post girls school tête-à-tête at Alexis bistro in Bangsar, which is famous for their delectable desserts. And their Tiramisu is to die for ( well, I wouldn’t exactly die for a Tiramisu–not a Tira-jihadi by any standards, but yeah it was that good ) and the raving reviews about their desserts from many online/offline food critics are extremely well deserving. First bite had me the ‘hmmmm’ sensation like knocked off the road by a truck kinda moment.

In my next month’s indulgence, I hope to try their pecan pie which looked yummiliciously inviting, or their berries-gateau which looked pretty. And yeah, their desserts taste as good as they look too.

Alexis bistro is at Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar. Don’t go if you are on a diet. Don’t say you are have not been warned.


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