And then it’s gone…

The gist is, my phone was stolen while I was doing my asar prayers at the megamall just now. How it happened, I am not too sure. By the time I finished praying, the phone was gone from my bag. How the theft took place, it was beyond me. I did pay attention to the sign pasted on the front wall of the surau ‘ Berhati-hati  kecurian’ . Some hurried shufflings later while I was praying, after the salam, I opened my bag and saw that everything was intact. All, except my phone. The one I just got in lieu of our anniversary last month.

Lessons learnt:

  • Fancy schmancy phones don’t really serve their whole purpose fully, other than to tempt thieves.
  • The rule 90/10 rule is true.
  • The phone is just another material item. It has sentimental value as it was given by the significant other yes, but the significant other is still with me, not gone with the phone that is stolen, for that I’m in gratitude. In other words, redha.
  • When the going gets tough, go shopping with a girlfriend and yak over good food. It helps, heaps… Thanks Al 🙂

So I bought a cheapo Nokia phone for Rm 119 which allows me to call and text and that’s it. Functional and basic. Fuss free too. So friends, text me with your name and number…


2 thoughts on “And then it’s gone…

  1. Salam Pecicilan
    Was it in the surau? I lost my handphone and wallet in the surau at KLCC. Imagine that! When people are praying, there are those who are in the surau to steal from others.

  2. Yeap. At Midvalley mall surau. And I had my bag right in front of me too… 😦
    When I related this in my fb, there were quite a few of my contacts who relayed similar experiences at the same surau in the same shopping centre so yeah, now we know the notorious place has got some kind of reputation…

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