Till then, it’s Finnish now…

In Confessions of a Shopaholic, the character Rebecca Bloomwood told everyone she speaks Finnish as a decoy, with the reason ‘nobody checks on Finland!’. In a way, that’s true. I never bothered finding out anything about Finland other than the mere fact that N/OK/IA comes from there. But tonight, I think I know a little bit more without going to ShaykhGoogle.

It’s A.skor’s farewell party at our sensei’s house tonight. A.skor is our fellow aikido trainee from Finland. We train together sometimes up to 3 times a week but we never really to know one another beyond what is aikido. Hence tonight out of the dojo, over hot piping ‘nabe’, seaweed and glutinous rice, we grilled him to bare all about Finland, through his eyes.

Hence we learnt that the name ‘Nokia’ was taken from a town called Nokia in Finland. What is now a global household name synonymous to mobile phones actually originated from the name of a small town, in which in no other parts of the world the name can be found. And ironically, he told us that the headquarters for Nokia is not in Nokia and none of Nokia’s business offices are in Nokia too. Something like there is no Mee Bandung/Air Bandung in Bandung. And that Nokia as in the company, first started out producing wellingtons ( rubber boots like the ones Phua Chu Kang wears ) and moved on to rubber tyres for vehicles. By some twist of fate, they literally twisted their luck into the mobile phone market. Who would have thought, aye?

Finnish don’t eat fish heads. Their staple is potato and fish and dark rye bread. But never fish head. And that they don’t talk but grunt. That, I guessed as much because I first thought of A.skor to be very aloof and extremely reserved to the point I thought he was simply antisocial. Now I know he is just being Finnish. Both him and his wife Joeanna told us that a typical Finnish family can survive on just 20 words in 5 days? Maybe that’s why Nokia phones have versatile keypads for texting? So they really don’t have to talk.. 😉

And lots more, so I think if there is a general knowledge quiz on Finland, I think I can score. Thanks to A.skor. And goodbye dude. You’ll be sorely missed at trainings. From the both of us 🙂 Arigato gozaimasta! Till we train again…


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