The orator and the rilek one corner syndrome

Other than the camp of the great food and waterfalls and wonderous nature Malaysia has to offer, I am not in any other camps, politics or otherwise where Malaysia is concerned. My mentality here has always been a place of transit before the next land to sink my wandering feet into.

However, I had to admit that before this article, I had in my mind, the same opinion of the said person– so when the article came out,  I had the ultimate bingo/snap moment?

I am not a sifu in psychology nor a political analyst for that matter. But in whatever I have followed of his development or otherwise for the last ten years or so ( I admired– to the point of hero worshipping him circa ten years ago. While my peers were busy dropping one after another into the engagements and wedding pits, I was buried in The Asian Renaissance, which he wrote.. and followed his speeches all that I could find ).  But alas… tried as I might to think otherwise, I can’t help but to see him becoming more and more of a clown. Not the funny sort, though. The husband likes to say; like Hitler, who is a good orator. Other than that, simply a clown.

And anyway, went to De/wan B/ah/asa and Pus/tak/a  just now, on the pretext of buying more kids books for the library. It was disappointing to see their collection of books for children and teenagers are simply outdated. Like they came from last century. Well, I could safely say almost 60% of their collection were indeed from the 80s and 90s, when I was in school!

The kids books are absolutely way behind the kind of books Scholastics are producing for English emergent readers. No wonder kids don’t enjoy reading Malay books. I wouldn’t too, if those are all that they have. Other than their updated Kamus, which seems to be their main pride and joy   ( I may be wrong but that’s the impression I get) the whole place seemed so ‘lemau’. It lacks the dynamism which the main body which champions the Malay language should have. The staff we spoke to were also not too enthusiastic at all, they were just ‘doing their job’. Customer service was slack. 

Maybe lemau is not such an apt word. So layu… yeah that’s the word I am looking for. Layu as in ‘wilting’ is more like it.

Oh wait a minute. Yeah they are doing their job right. They are the bearers of bahasa yang sedang me-layu. Thanks to them.


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