Since last night I have been too gleeful as I found the original Al-Jawaher album, now in CD form at Borders. I must have listened to it for 4 rounds now. The nasyid  legend from the 80s way before Raihan and all these contemporary nasyid groupies around these days. That M.Nasir wrote most of their songs and even sang in almost half of their song collection is the ultimate plus point. It is not even anywhere near Ramadan but I have listened to the Duhai Bonda song they sang with M.Nasir like 4 times already?

Anyway, I left the organisation which wanted to do the booksforbambinos project sometime back. When I left it seemed that the project also stopped there and no one picked it up. And for the longest time I have been toying with the idea of going solo with the project. The husband is very supportive and even suggested to do it in 4 languages– English, Malay, German and Arabic. The question is whether I have the guts to do it on my own without a team…

But then again, John Wood started out alone and now have an organisation. I might just be able to be in his shadows.



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