Of Art and Mess

Seraphine was the first film I caught yesterday for the French Film Festival this year. The story of a post-modernist French painter in rural Senlis about 50km outside Paris. It’s a biopic ( the dramatisation of the life of real people ), a moving one at it, on how Seraphine who was of the lower class of society supports herself doing maidly duties of cleaning and cooking after the higher class society. She saved every little money she had to buy paints and spent her lonely nights alone painting, until one day she was discovered by a German art buyer and critic whose room she cleaned daily.

Taken from here.

Eventually she went crazy and spent her old days in an asylum. But her life story showed that no matter which class of society we belong to, each and every one of us has both the given talent and weakness. So although social demarcation puts one where one ‘ought to be’ based on their own definition of class and ranks, no one can absolutely take a given talent away from any person, just like no one can imprison anyone’s mind. I like the film and the scenery showed that Senlis is beautiful..

On another note I began reading kids book written by Madonna, the come on, vogue lady with pointed black metal bra. I read ‘Abdi’ and she writes well indeed. And I absolutely like the graphics of her book. I’m going to go back for more I reckon.

Changing topic again, Perak is in a mess ain’t it?


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