smug and stubborn

We thought that our fighter Tito is the only one we have to deal with in this household. But the incident on the eve of Labour Day last week proved otherwise. I was doing the laundry very early in the morning when I felt something dropped from above and landed almost next to my feet. It was yellow, furry and it moved and it tried to flutter but to no avail. I looked up and realised the nest was short of an open beak. There were a few previously. 

So one little birdie decided that the nest was becoming a tad crowded, decided to jump down and tried to fly, although she ain’t got any tail yet. Tried as I might to get her because I didn’t want her to become the plaything for Milo and Tito, she kept hopping away from me. So I called the husband whose hands are gigantic to try and grab this little one and put her back into the nest. He tried once. She jumped out of the nest again. He tried twice. She jumped out of the nest again! He tried for the third time and she jumped out of the nest AGAIN!!! It was as though she was telling us, ‘ Don’t you get it? I don’t wanna get back in there! ‘  Ok fine.  By now the parents were back from looking for food and oh what a commotion they created! Especially the father bird. He kept screeching around thinking we wanted to harm his baby. Mother bird was in panic mode and fluttered around probably ready to peck my eyeballs out. ‘Hey chill guys..’ we really said to them… ‘We are  just helping !

And so we put the fiesty fat one into the laundry basket and covered it with trays so that she wouldn’t try to get out of it… And what did we get in return? A smug look of  ‘get outta my face I wanna break free ghetto look’ 

And she continued being smug until we covered the top of the laundry basket with the trays. And we went back in. In a while, we heard another commotion in the backyard. Again we ran back. We saw both mama bird and papa bird in a frenzy and an empty laundry basket. What the heck?! So little birdie outsmarted us and squeezed herself out of the big hole below the handles of the laundry basket and was nowhere to be found. And her parents went berserk. We had to bear with the noise for hours ( 3 hours to be exact ) until the husband realised both parents kept hovering near the washing machine. He looked under it and there she was, giving him THE face ( I seriously think she would have given him THE finger, but she hadn’t any ).  With his finger, he fished her out and put her back into the laundry basket. Immediately, both mama bird and papa bird swooped down onto the laundry basket and made one hell of a noise. To the untrained eyes like ours, it looked as though little birdie was getting a big fat scolding! Padan muke …

And we left for a while and soon, when we got back to the backyard, we saw that the paper we pasted on the opening she previously got out from had been pecked through and again, the basket was empty ! And lo and behold, we saw this on just below the kitchen window grills…

Eh budak ni betul tak makan saman sey!!!  And she smugly perched there undaunted. I stroke her head and she didn’t budge. I played with her beak and she just gave me the stoic look. I tickled her chin and she just stared at me. Ok.. she is either bodoh, degil or a primadonna in the making or all of them. But she really needed to go into the basket because Milo’s and Tito’s eyes were already twinkling.

She stayed perched there even when her now not-so-angry mum came with food for her to eat. She ate and just sat there. Oblivious to the dangers her parents were trying to warn her about, especially her father here, who kept on screeching at her from the backyard gate about a metre or so away.

Poor papa bird… Marah anak sampai lidah terkeluar!

We locked her back in the laundry basket, this time with heavier trays and cellophane tape! Ha amek kau! And she looked at us distastefully with disdain…

STILL tried to get out through the mini holes but sorry babe, you are a bit too big on the waist area… She stayed like this for a few days with her parents coming over and to feed her from this position. I pity the parents because we observed they had to do double work. First go to the laundry basket to feed her and then fly up to the nest to the rest of her noisy siblings.

On Saturday morning while I was sitting down in the kitchen enjoying a cup of tea, at around 8 in the morning, the papa bird came fluttering into the kitchen and fluttered all over my head. I thought he was trying to tell me something. So I called the hubby. And he suspected the papa bird  was trying to tell us to let his baby go. So we took the risk and stood up. Papa bird flew to somewhere near the laundry basket and hovered around in the air. Hubby lifted the trays and swoosh… Up she went.  She met mama bird halfway in mid-air near our neighbour’s window.

We both witnessed the primadonna’s first flight.


The very nest she jumped out from


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