I have been following the A/W/ARE saga back in my hometown from here with interest and some giggles. That a group of makciks, one trying to hold the fort against a group of ‘crusaders’ plouging on the ‘in the name of the Lord’, got themselves entangled in catfights which made them the drama-mamas who have been entertaining my online news moments.

One camp was accused of promoting lesbianism and homosexuality by the other god-fearing-all-came-from-the-same-church camp who wanted to take over A/W/ARE, the association which takes care of women affairs there ( read: feminist inclined).

Though the saga is now over ( oh darn it…heh ), I became more aware that the female human species are very likened to their feline counterparts. Step over their territories and the claws ( manicured or otherwise ) will all be out, ready to strike. No wonder when women fight, the term ‘catfights’ is used to describe the whole ferocious process. 

A/W/ARE… meaaaaaaaaooooooowwww! Grrrr!


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