Of wind and such

Anyone who is familiar with P.Ramlee’s classic comedy, specifically the Bujang Lapok series and Do Re Mi series would also be familiar with the           ‘ angin lah deni’ dialogue or ‘angin pus-pus’. For the sake of the clueless, these lines were often in the dialogues when any character displayed an incomprehensible bout of tantrums or anger or in the modern lingo, being overly ’emo’.

Well, in my family we use to say it in the context like ‘ jangan sampai bapak naik angin’ or ‘balik kerja jer dah nak angin tak tentu pasal’ or the classic one, ‘ dah lah jangan layan dia.. dah tau dia tu angin satu badan kau layan buat apa??’

For all my life I just take it as a figurative speech of the mysterious ( and still mysterious) Malay language. How the angin ( wind ) becomes associated with the manisfestation of one’s undesirable behaviour was beyond my comprehension and I never bothered pursuing the origin of it.

However during my weekly massage session with the old massage lady today, she said something which sparked my interest to relate P. Ramlee’s dialogue to our massage session. As she was massaging, I burped the air in my body out,. She muttered to herself ‘ Bagusss angin ni semua keluar. Kalau tak angin dalam badan ni urat saraf semua jadi tak betul. Bila darah tak mengalir dengan betul, mula lah buat pe’el, marah-marah, mengaruk tak tentu pasal’ 

Achso !!! 

Now I know how the ‘orang lama’ came up with the ‘angin’ dialogue. That when there is alot of angin disrupting the QI/KI/Energy flow in one’s body, one becomes disorientated hence leading him/her to display all sorts of behavioral patterns which are anti-social in nature.

Next time I see anyone with the ‘angin pus-pus’ syndrome I will now know better than to get angry at him/her back. Telling them to go for massage would be a more productive thing, no ?


2 thoughts on “Of wind and such

  1. Interesting observation, the link between angin and qi…

    Hi CC! Long time no see…only just reconnected my Streamyx after a big TM cock-up…

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