A mug of cereal and Salonga’s croonings

I am beginning to find that like Maths, Aikido is difficult. But unlike Maths, I like ( am hooked, actually ) to Aikido while I still don’t like Maths. I have learnt a few techniques and yet I still find it difficult to even do kamai correctly, find my central balance and focus on where the ki flow. It frustrates me to no ends sometimes especially during training when others get it and I don’t. But with all good things, it is an uphill task so I shall persevere in this with wisdom and patience.

Whhhoaaa how about that?? Not bad for a self prep talk at almost 1 am in the morning over a mug of cereal??

Truth is, I can’t sleep, both because I am hungry and because I slept in the afternoon just now ( which is now yesterday ). Milo is sitting next to me, his eyes droopy but he refused to go down to sleep. I guess he would only go downstairs when I do. So he is keeping himself awake by playing with his tail.

I picked up a small quote book from the table while cleaning the living room. It is by Ron Kaufman, yeah the botak angmoh we were sent to by the civil service college for internal course years ago by m/o/e. Β At random, I turned the page and it says ‘ You are never too old to begin anything you dream of achieving. Be it at 18, 28, 39, 40 or 61… age is just a number’Β 

Ok fair enough. At this moment, all I can think of dreaming is to become the first hijabi aikido sensei and the owner of a chain of cheesecake cafes. Bake during the day, teach aikido at night. Lofty dreams! LOL πŸ™‚

Anyway I better try to get some sleep now before I hallucinate even more. But before that, here’s a video of Lea Salonga singing On My Own in Les Miserables. I was smittened by her when I first watched her live in a musical back in my hometown in 1998. It was Into The Woods and I remembered her beautiful face and voice made my jaw kinda drop ( and I am not even going to imagine men’s reaction to her ). She looks and sounds so angelic and each time she sings, it’s as though the world stands still. I am a big fan, like that…


2 thoughts on “A mug of cereal and Salonga’s croonings

  1. Yeah . . . Lea is terrific!

    Your quote inspired me. For some time now I’ve been dreaming of learning swimming. If my family goes swimming I’m the one left on the pool side ‘enjoying the view’ πŸ™‚ . One of these days I’ll start training myself to swim; no . . . within this month I’ll start with it.

  2. Whoa Ming,
    You are Salonga’s fan too? She’s amazing ain’t she?
    And don’t worry… I can’t swim either. Nor can I drive… so that will hopefully make you feel better πŸ™‚

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