Like a chapter in the past…

By the 2nd day on the resort, we were quite bored already with the resort and itching to explore the island as it is. So in the trusty signature Pangkor pink cab, ( whose driver, an old Chinese uncle born and bred Pankorian used to live and work in Ang Mo Kio for 6 years connected with yours truly almost immediately ) — took us to see the whole island, which is very small indeed. Pangkor was like rewinding life back to the 80s. I loved the idleness of it all. The husband thinks the island is ‘livable’. I think so too as although we were both born and bred in the cities, we have some strange connections with all things rural, and old.


Arriving at the town. Pekan Pangkor which is just 15 min drive from our resort

Like Joo Chiat Road/Kg Jawa in the 80s, kan ?

Where children still get excited by the sight of ‘biskot kati’

Where the messy kedai mamak with the goods hanging from plastic bags reminded me of the similar shops in Jalan Eunos bus depot where I used to get my supplies of KaKa snacks with my then best friend, Budin. We were 5 years old…

With quaint kampung houses

And their signature PINK cabs. Which are actually vans…the only form of public transportation on the island

Where motor kapcais rule the world

..and Bai Roti still runs a thriving business

Where children who have very little have the biggest smile

With the jetty which leads to nowhere. In the background, the more urbanised mainland Perak sets the skyline, and the pace of life different from what we found in Pulau Pangkor…



6 thoughts on “Like a chapter in the past…

  1. The last three photos were were really pretty: they evoked emotions in me that I thought I had lost a long time ago. And I particularly liked “Where children who have very little have the biggest smile”
    Excellent! Truly inspiring

  2. Yes, ma’am. I was born in Ipoh. However, I was brought up in KL. Some say this may have even been a good thing 🙂

  3. incidentally i just came back from a pulau myself – pulau bintan. nothing rustic but just the sun, sand, sea (and spa) for 3 days. nak pergi pangkor jauh sangat dar… :p

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