A rocking surprise

I really have to give it to her for effort. A full 100% for it, really. My currently jetsetting motherinlaw sprung up a birthday surprise for me over the weekend. It was a weekend full of S/poreans in town due to their long Good Friday holiday. She knows that I am fiercely loyal to the old school singers of my hometown. Mnasir, Ramlisarip and the likes of Blackdogbone and Sweetcharity. And yes, she knows I am old ‘pesen’.

So she made sure my birthday celebration this year includes my favourite kinds of S/poreans –paparock and his gang. Still quite fresh from her last work travel destination, with the help of google, she booked for me to have my birthday at noblacktie.


The venue


It was a blast at noblacktie, an indie jazz club/gastro bar where mostly anti-establishment/non-mainstream artists and musicians do their stuffs    ( hence noblacktie ) . I’ve always missed Pak ASamadSaid’s readings and some other events which I’ve been wanting to attend but never ended up doing so. Hence the celebration at noblacktie which she intended as a surprise was indeed a big  and super pleasant surprise for me. 

The present


Paparockramli sang mostly songs he wouldn’t sing in the mainstream public performances and a few of his old sweetcharity numbers which I knew before I even knew how to sing nursery rhymes! Initially, my mil had this blur look on her face for his Malay songs which she didn’t understand nor connect to. However, he did the graceful thing of singing English rock songs from the deeppurple and badcompany era and that made her night as well as those were the stuffs from her era. In fact he ended up singing more English songs that night, jamming the night away, in the cosy small space of noblacktie, which he himself commented to be like singing at ‘home’.

The jammers

The old sweetcharity bass guitarist Rosli

Anda Mau ROCK!!?

It was quite a night of hilarious misfits though.  Since I didn’t know where we were going, as she had wanted it to be a full blown surprised— I was dressed in a semi-formal jubah and the husband was dressed smart enough for a wedding. As it turned out, noblacktie was full of ‘abang-abang lobang and pakcikpakcik rock kapak’  ( 🙂 ) from zaman blackdogbone and sweetcharity who knew paparock and gang personally. AND we were amidst them. A jubah clad akak pakai tudung, with a german makcik and hubby, who was dressed smart enough for a wedding dinner—in the midst of old rockers.  Tee hee… 😛

“Aku yang masihhhhh… di perjalanan…. dunia….”

And all of us absolutely enjoyed ourselves. The food was good too and the menu was  mainly Japanese. The best part was when I joined the rest of the crowd singing Doa Buat Kekasih as the ending of the jamming session with a silly grin on my face while paparock played his guitar to it. The husband and mil looked on and there and then  they knew that I was crazily happy, although this celebration was a belated one.

So, danke schon for all the effort schwigermutti. It was all the efforts you  made for our relationship to strengthen yet again that matters. Paparock and the whole of the blackdogbone and sweetcharity gang who were with us last night were just icing to the already beautiful cake of life that I have and which I am really thankful for.


7 thoughts on “A rocking surprise

  1. Are u aware that Black Dog B one and Carefree are doing a reunion at Istana Budaya next month.?

  2. Happy belated birthday! May Allah bless you in many ways…good health, wealth and happiness with those lovely people around you.

    Psst….are you coming home for Sweet Charity’s Concert at the Esplanade on 31st May??? Me and hubby thought of going you know….he..he..

  3. Ahaks…
    The orang-orang lama dah squeak.. tee hee.

    Kak Nora,
    Thanks!! Eh when are you coming here?
    And no lah I can’t make it to the sweetcharity concert next month although nak sangat sangat pegi tapi we have a visiting sensei from Japan that week for training…

    Kak Al..
    Yup! THAT one I want to try and make it ! 🙂
    May seems to be an ANDA MAU ROCK month eh?

  4. Happy belated birthday! =) I came to your blog by accident looking for information on ulam raja. you did a post a while back about ur husband eating it in ur backyard. Since then, I cant stop reading your entries. They are quite fascinating.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best. =)

  5. eh, happy belated! 😀

    yeah i heard abt the esplanade reunion too, and was planning to treat my uncle with a Surprise ticket. he’s a heyyuuge fan too.. kherkherkher

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