Perjanjian Pangkor

Mention Pangkor and my A Levels history notes which involved Sultan Abdullah, the then Sultan of Perak and Sir Andrew Clark which gave British influence on Perak that 1874 year came to mind. I remember being a bit baffled back then when studying for the paper on why Perak needed a British protection and also on Raja Abdullah’s claim that Perak needed someone of sufficient ability to show him ( Raja Abdullah ) a good system of government. The Malays couldn’t do it on their own?

Anyway, we had our own version of Perjanjian Pangkor ( Pangkor date, not agreement 🙂 ) for the last few days. We celebrated yet another year of marriage and another year of living for me, there. Initially we had planned to travel and explore Sabah. But that would need planning and the husband is currently waist deep in this thesis to spare time planning a trip. Had we gone to Sabah, we would have finished exploring all the states in Malaysia in the last 2.5 years here. But it was not meant to be, so Pangkor was the next option, and fuss free too !–just book the resort and enjoy the company. And we did enjoy each other’s company there, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and most importantly, students and books.

We drove to Perak and upon reaching the Perak border, abandoned the highway and followed the kampung route. Of the many times we go to Perak, I have always loved the kampung houses there which are so quaint and well-maintained. The plan was to get snap shots of rural Perak but it was only then we realised the camera was out of battery! Bummer… so we pushed off to Lumut instead, blasting the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack along the way.  We took the ferry, a 35 min ride from Lumut directly to Pangkor Island Beach Resort, our home for the last 3 days.


Sunset walk on the private beach outside the resort…

For an extra Rm 205 per person, a candle light dinner for two by the beach. We didn’t indulge in it though..

Way too many hornbills around. The closest I ever got to them in my whole lifetime. They are extremely noisy creatures…

Read under the tree and feel careless about the world.

When the rain is coming…


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