Seger !

Something made me think of my late yayi ( grandfather) just now. It was a thunderstorm rain and the storm was so ferocious we decided not to get out of thecurve and had our dinner there instead. Off we went to Waroeng Penyet and had sayur asem and pecelele with tempe and tauhu and lots of sambal for me.

That was when I remembered my late yayi. Looking at the sayur asem, the image of him came about.  On a typical day, he would eat his rice with bening ( a soupy dish ) and sambal and tempe or tahu or ikan goreng with teh o panas while listening to the afternoon keroncong hour. He would put lots of bening with his rice. After he had finished his rice, he would hirup ( drink ) the remaining bening straight from his plate. He would smack his lips  and say ‘ Segerrrr !’ and let out a burp.  I think that was his way of thanking nyai for a good meal, albeit an extremely simple one.

I remember details like this. I was little but I observed them alot. My yayi and nyai. I think this blog is for them. After all, they called me percicilan.


5 thoughts on “Seger !

  1. here i am! was grinning to ur text yesterday while at taka. orang tengok ingatkan orang gilerr agaknye.. haha!

    like i told my fren, nothing like hearing from someone dear (and far, far away) that u’re being thought of.. 🙂

  2. my late great grandma used to say that too!

    Now its just snippets of my memory, though she passed last year after a stroke that brought her back to childhood and taught me many lessons because the “patient” was living with me. I miss her.

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