An April Fool’s Joke

As a kid, I had always wanted to go to Disneyland. It was every kid’s dream I supposed. But I am not sure if I had been a kid of a certain politician in the papers today who had allegedly spent RM 1.7 million of govt’s fund to have a ‘technical‘ visit to Disneyland (bringing along his family and even maid), I would have enjoyed the trip as much as it had been from self hard earned money.

There are scores of poor people we had seen in our off the beaten track travels— especially in the kampungs in this state we are living in and to read that this former minister had such a luxurious trip what with the daily rental of mercedes benz costing RM 2,900 is simply absurd.

That amount could have funded a public school for special needs kids, or increase the teacher’s pay in the public schools of this state so that they get what they deserve and not the mere peanuts they are getting now. But to use it to go Disneyland??? Come on… Technical error in his brain system maybe.

I don’t think the NST was having an April Fool’s Joke on us, or are they?


2 thoughts on “An April Fool’s Joke

  1. Salam Percicilan
    Seriously, they use all kinds of reasons to justify a trip not only for themselves and the family but also for relatives and other friends.

  2. Yeah and then say ‘ the officer need to pay some bills…’
    Bills” What bills?
    Ahhh YOUR bills I see 😛 tsk tsk
    I find this Disneyland thingy very merepek lah…

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