Adubakat and other scary things

I must say I enjoyed Talentime by Yasmin Ahmad tremendously. I felt it was nicer than Sepet. I didn’t like Gubra and Muhsin at all and I have not watched Muallaf. 

Picture taken from here

I like the way the racial stereotypes were presented, questioned and yet also in a way ‘resolved’. The most moving scene personally for me was when the Kahoe character reported to the teacher that Hafiz cheated during the Maths exam because he got 100% correct. Hafiz proved to the teacher he didn’t when he scored all correct for a re-sit which had more difficult questions. And the teacher said to Kahoe that ‘he is not as stupid as you think he is and you are not that smart as you think you are’

We  didn’t realised that the some of the cast members were sitting a few rows below us and it was only as we tried to leave the theatre through the clogged exit door that we realised the chaps who acted as Mahesh and Kahoe and another female cast were recognised by the crowd, who wasted no time in trying to get these awkward-to-fame teenagers to pose for their camera phones. I like Talentime. I think I want to watch it again.

On another note, these past few days I noticed that the thunderstorms had been terrible. Simply terrible and terrifying. Once we felt our house shook and I thought it was just our house. But it being in the middle of a terrace meant that others would have felt it too. And they did. It was a tad scary. But not as scary as watching the UMNO assembly on tv though. That is scarier, for the long run of things. 

And oh… I should be scared of something else too. My blood sugar level is high. Damn my sweet tooth. But chocolates and rice are my staple. It would be scary to have to give up on those too? Hey I just gave up on meat and chicken last month hokay! Not these too?


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