Beautiful wedding and funny accents

If I am supposed to think in a certain way, sure–big weddings are extravagance and yeah, maybe wasteful but really, I love big weddings. I had big themed wedding myself and I loved the details, the celebration and the joy of having so many people together at one time.

So yesterday we were at N’s wedding. A big garden themed wedding which was beautifully done up. N was my classmate at goethe/institute trying to master the language of her then boyfriend ( now husband, alhamdulillah) and also qualify for the visa to live in his hometown, Dusseldolf. In a little way I was quite involved in helping her with the procedures of conversion/registration etc and (my) husband provided her with some contacts of muslims in Dusseldolf for his conversion purposes. If those were of any help, we were glad to be part of it. 

N was a beautiful bride in a beautiful wedding. A ( her husband) looked splendid in baju Melayu complete with the tanjak. Like some laksamana mat salleh. N’s family is from up north hence their loghat uthara is extremely thick it sounded greek. During the ‘merenjis ceremony’ in the crowded living room, I was squashed between makcik-makcik rolling their tongues in thick loghat uthara and the groom’s fanily speaking in an accent of German unique to their area ( I only understand standard textbook German or the Hessen dialect ) and outside, the live band was playing a number from a bollywood movie and their singer sang in Hindi.

Though I didn’t understand most of it, it was a beautiful wedding and I loved it to bits. And we forgot to bring our camera too.


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