If I were still in school…

Just getting the hang of this polyvore thingy. It is quite fun actually. And it is free and doesn’t clutter the home with fashion magazines. Not that I buy fashion magazines to begin with. Let’s see, if I weren’t a hijabi, I would probably wear this on a long Monday in campus. The colours to perk up the mood, the shoes to make it easy to go from lectures to lectures/tutorials and the hairband to keep the fringes at bay. And the roomy bag for them lecture notes and notebooks and candies smuggled in for boring lectures.

Campus Casual
Campus Casual – by Percicilan on Polyvore.com


4 thoughts on “If I were still in school…

  1. Ana,
    I’ve always been a flats/sneakers person. Never heels. I wear heels once a year during raya. Itu pun dalam kereta bukak!

  2. Quirky!

    Me likey 😉

    To be more ‘me’, I will add on a few more accessories 😀

  3. Zieha,
    Hehe yeah I would guess so.
    But I’ve never been good with accessories. Either terjatuh or hilang. That’s why I only wear my wedding ring…fuss free 😉

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