About water, bills and other stuffs

I have been monitoring our water bills since last year. So far I have collected about 14 water bills which comes at the end of the month. Bearing in mind that on weekdays, we have up to 11 or so  kids coming to the house for homeschooling/tuition, we water the garden sometimes twice a day, washing the dishes twice a day, laundry every 2 days and 6 to 7 litres of drinking water boiled for the thirsty kids studying at our place daily. Add to that, the weekly two cleaners who come to scrub the house clean, front yard, back yard and 3 toilets. And mopping the entire house upstairs and downstairs. To all that, the highest water bill we’ve ever paid in the past 14 months is Rm 13.90.

Water is very cheap here, especially in the state of Selangor when it is heavily subsidised– which also explains the freaking cheap dobi rate. 15 kg of laundry is Rm 7. Ironing is Rm 1 per piece. Dry cleaning is Rm 6 per suit. We didn’t really need the washing machine actually.

And the electricity bills as well. For our very active household and especially the husband burning midnight oil on most nights writing his thesis and studying, electricity bill –the highest we have paid is Rm 50. No aircon though. But my friend who uses aircon paid Rm 90 highest for her household.

And basic necessities. Malaysian rice pilihan Bernas is about Rm 14 for 10 kg. We eat organic brown rice. For 5 kg, I paid Rm 29.90. I bought the sack 2nd January and it is already March. I have a good 2 kg left and we eat rice 4 times a week. Vegetables, especially at the Pasar Tani and Pasar Malam are freaking cheap too. So is sugar and salt and other Made in Malaysia condiments and ingredients. Petrol, compared to where I came from is not just cheap, it is dirt cheap.

The point is, to survive here is fairly cheap ( extremely cheap by where we have been ). So seriously I cannot understand why people here are still complaining. Especially those who can afford fast cars, fancy women and houses big enough to be a hospital in India.


4 thoughts on “About water, bills and other stuffs

  1. wow.. it’s blardy cheap up there…!!
    it will surely hasten our crossing over the bridge of belakang mati…

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