Of which I know not what to say

…but actually I do. But I am not sure that it will go down with them. That I am not living in accordance to their standards. That I make choices in accordance to what both of us envisioned for our future and more importantly, our present. That we do not care what others have or don’t have, or work as or earn or buy or didn’t buy. But we do care about how we live our lives, to the fullest, although a tad too carefree/bohemic for their liking. But I or we rather, care not what makes them happy by their standards because we have our own standard of living that we live by, which certainly does not include whatever is in their norm. But we are fine with it, because our goals have always to please the ONE above. Not them.

And so, about last night’s news… honestly, it has no consequence upon me because life has never been a competition for me, especially not against you. I thanked HIM for giving you all that, and I find the gloating a tad funny. Were you expecting me to clap and shout hooray good for you? I would you know ! And  you know I would –for I am truly happy you got what you wanted. What you have not realised is that, I am not in the competition. I never was. 🙂  

p.s I guess you have forgotten that I have been out of the little island long enough. 😉


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