Always ask the right questions

A family we are close to here, also from my hometown just moved into another ( rented ) house here to allow more space for their 3 kids. So their moving and unpacking is finally done after about a week of living out of boxes. They decided to call the ‘orang masjid’ nearby to their house for doa selamat, to bless the house–and also due to some ‘appearances’ from the ‘other’ world which have appeared to disturb their youngest son, an almost 4 year old who just started kindy.

This kiddo, Faris has been telling the family members that he has been seeing things at night which made him cannot sleep. He would cry out ‘hantu! hantu!’ 

Ok fine enough. His parents felt that it could be possible, a young child sometimes has the ability to ‘see’ things and after all the house was empty before they moved in. And also, they have been asking him what did he see and the answer which he earnestly insisted has always been ‘big hantu!’. Ok fine enough.

Anyway… I have been in the education business long enough to know that you have to ask children the right question to get the right answer. They are innocently honest, yes but they also do have a very wild imagination. So after the doa selamat session just now, where the congregation from the surau read surah yasin etc, I felt that it was a good time to ask the hantu question as I was honestly curious in what form a hantu would appear in front of a young child. A puaka nyiang rapik lookalike? A pochong? Cik Pon? So I asked Fariz…

So Fariz, I said… You really saw the hantu? Yes, he said. A BIG hantu. He responded wide eyed, serious and ready to tell me his ghostly adventures. I have never met this hantu lah.. I added. Can you tell me how the hantu look like or not? I want to know also so if next time it comes to my house I know it is hantu lah….

His face became serious and he cringed with the seriousness of a little boy with the biggest problem in the world. Well.. he continued. It’s a very big scary hantu. Every night dia datang … Very scary you know.. It say to me wooooo woooo I want Fariiiizzzz. I ammm Batmaaan!


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