Grooving in

I like the fact that I am slowly getting the hang of things now. When I first started, I found it hard and painful. Just like Maths… and perhaps cooking and baking. But Maths, I still can’t do, however I can cook quite a storm now, and my baking is quite decent. I was a kitchen goondo transformed, after I got the hang of things. 

And that is the case with aikido now. I love the fact that I look forward to Tuesdays and Saturdays now that I get the hang of things. I used to get nervous on training days. I was a total blur klutz in the class and it became very obvious because I am the only female. Now that I am less of a klutz, it gives me a bit more confidence. But my former sensei, the one who taught me last year, after I gleefully told him I can fall and roll now–cautioned me not to be over confident. Kena ikut macam padi…makin berisi makin tunduk…

Yes, I hear you man. It seems to me that like our prayer, five times a day, each prayer–although of the same movement, is different in the level of concentration, of focus, of essence and the level of contemplation. Likewise in aikido. And hence today I understood why there are seniors who have been practising aikido for years and years… joined me today in practising the basic 101 footwork. And they were humble enough to stand corrected.

I like what I am learning. I think it is slowly moulding my character. And for that, I am thankful.


2 thoughts on “Grooving in

  1. Keep up the hard work! Really, the more you try, the deeper you will get and the more interesting it will become. Math is wonderful that way! … 🙂


  2. Eric,
    LOL… U are supposed to support me in Aikido for I have long given up on Math. And yes, I think I am working hard and enjoying it as well 🙂

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