Q & A

So I’ve watched the movie. And Fauziah was right. They changed quite a number of things in the movie as compared to the book. Somehow, I prefer Ram Mohamad Thomas to Jamal Malik– both supposedly of the same character but in different mediums.

The Ram character appeared more fiesty in the book as compared to the meek Jamal he was potrayed in the movie. I enjoyed the book more, although I must say that the very visually graphic movie is extremely moving and and heart wrenching. 

Barely a couple of hours after watching slumdog millionaire at tgv, I went home to watch burn after reading on dvd. I stopped halfway because watching bradpitt in that role was a tad too annoying. Maybe I was just tired. And is it only me but the latest fb template is annoying too? Things seem to be all over the place now.


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