Head or tail

I practically gobbled up the book Slumdog Millionaire within 3 days as I had insisted on reading the book first and then watch the movie. Now that reading is done, I should catch the movie. I hope I don’t get disappointed with the movie as I have, on many occasions been, when I read the book before the film.

Did I like the book? Kind of. It is very detailed, too detailed that I wonder if in real life would RMT would remember those much details in recounting his life experiences to the lawyer. But the details in the book helped me visualise the poverty scene in India, one place which we kept saying we want to be backpacking in, especially to see the Taj Mahal. 

The character RMT in the book did remind me of something though.. that if one lives really simply, one has very little to lose when the going gets tough. I shall try to catch the movie this week, and am also wondering if it is worth to use one (of going back to my homecountry’s ) quota just to go back there to watch Muallaf, which is ironically not showing here-yet.


4 thoughts on “Head or tail

  1. Salam Percicilan
    I read the book. Loved it. I haven’t watched the movie but I know I am going to be dissappointed. They’ve changed it quite a lot from the sypnosis that I had read.

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