An Invitation

Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about…



What am I doing home on Tuesday evening when I should be at the dojo training? I decided to stay home after the advice from wise old ladies that I should not train when feeling under the weather and give my body a full rest before I go and get myself whacked again.

So while I am at it, I rather make myself useful by helping to promote this event here:

International Institute of Islamic Thoughts and Civilisation ( ISTAC) & Research Centre, Islamic Azad University, Tehran Iran jointly organise;

What: The Seminar on Mystical Aspects of Islamic Art and Literature

Where: ISTAC Campus, Taman Duta Kuala Lumpur

When: 23- 26 March 2009


  • Presentation of papers pertaining to the title by international scholars in the field of Islamic Art and Literature
  • Workshops
  • Cultural and educational visits
  • Certificate of participation by ISTAC

Cost : RM 1200 for public, Rm 800 for students of any tertiary institutions.

For more details, call ISTAC at : 03-62073400

Ok there, I have made myself useful. 🙂 Tchuss !


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