There ain’t any leprechaun

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow came from the Irish folktale that the leprechaun hides his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because no one else could reach it other than him. It’s like his safe bank so to speak.

I tried to touch the rainbow today. At around 7pm, I went to the backyard to hang some laundry. Firstly, I noticed that someone is back at her throne. I think she’s having a second child. 

I was trying to get to her and her husband ( if they ever got married that is ) on the wall at the end of the backyard. I realised that they are no longer afraid of me. I was just a few centimetres away from the male bird when I saw this gorgeous thing… And I ran in and upstairs, grabbed the camera and ran down again. Almost tumbling down in a non-ukemi manner, but more of a clumsy Jill who came tumbling behind Jack down the hill. I could have sprained an ankle, but I didn’t… and got this shot instead.

Twin rainbows. The 2nd one in the making…

I tried touching it with my finger ( oh well, lame-I know )

Now where is the pot of gold? I only see the colour spectrum…

I call these moments the backyard beauty. Things I get to see doing something as mundane as hanging the clothes. And I am pretty sure that both the husband and wife hummingbirds are my mates now. Not once did they try to fly away when I was getting some shots of them.


2 thoughts on “There ain’t any leprechaun

  1. In Malaysia, if you go to the edge of the rainbow, you will not find a leprechaun, dear. You’ll find a toyol.

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