Of sensei and sifu

Sometimes, there are indeed perfections. Like the perfect moment, gift or the perfect day. I just had the perfect Saturday. In the more minute details of it, there were indeed some imperfections but overall, the day was just perfect.

I taught in the morning all the way to noon. Then I craved for good old kampung food. We were supposed to attend an Aikido seminar/mass training conducted by a visiting sensei from Japan. We still had about an hour so off we zoomed to Rebung–the kampung food place co-owned by the mrhandsome astronaut and chefismail. I had my fill of delicious ulam and sambal and other kampung things and we had to quickly leave for the training somewhere near there. 

The Japanese sensei was already there when we arrived. He looked so stern. Today’s training combined the people of 2 dojos together so there were people from all over, a good mix of different nationalities and age groups as well. I got frustrated because I couldn’t really focus. I was very distracted with what was going to happen at night. I have been waiting for it all week. The 4 hours spent at the dojo was the longest I’ve ever felt. What more with me not getting all my moves right and having to be corrected again and again on my sword techniques. But nevertheless, it was fun training with a different set of people and finally, I was not the only female around.

Then the moment for it finally came. After meeting the sensei, I was going to see the sifu live in concert. The person whose music has been with me almost 90% of my life, through the years. I had written about him previously here

When the concert began, in my heart I was pleading that please, please, please let this be the night he sings all the compilations from Kembara onwards. So when he started with exactly that, especially in the 2nd song Gerhana… I was suddenly transported waaay back to the little kid in Jalan Perwira on the ambin jamming this songs with my 2 youngest uncles, who were then rockers wannabe. I shrieked and sang along to all the Kembara tunes, surprised that the lyrics came to my lips as if they have always been there. And then I cried when he sang Keroncong Untuk Ana. Ok drama I know. But what to do, I am hardcore like that.

He sang from albums to albums and each reminded me of the different eras of my life and different memories came flashing back just through the songs. And all along I kept thinking of my two youngest uncles just 9 years older than me who were responsible for my lifelong mania for this sifu. For they were the ones who had his cassettes back then and brought me to watch them jamming at that paid by the hour studio at Bedok Reservoir industrial area. Back then known as Kaki Bukit.

 I cried again when he sang Raikan Cinta because I played that song over and over and over again when I was studying for my statistic exams years ago in cold,cold Toowoomba. I hate numbers and statistics being compulsory didn’t help it. So I got through putting the song on repeat I think, throughout the night. And many more other meaningful memories. Of Kaki Bukit/Jalan Eunos where I grew up, of the younger days of my uncles and aunties where only I got to witness because I was the first grandchild and the next one after me came much later, of my primary school days where everyone else knew kiddy songs but I knew M.Nasir by heart and everything else.

The show itself I felt was not as fantastic as the Phoenix Bangkit concert in Singapore where he was accompanied by the dikir barat troop and the Sriwana kids and his brother, Zoul. This concert was solely him. But as always, he was fantastic.

And oh. I just have to mention this. Jay Jay was there with his other musicians. JayJay.. of the old song ‘Bila ku kenang…’

Ok everyone living around the Jalan Perwira would remember me shrieking ‘ Nak kawin Jay Jay! Nak kawin Jay Jay!’ I was young then. On my wedding years ago, some Jalan Perwira folks came to the dais and teased ‘ Tak kawin Jay Jay pun!!’ Tonight, seeing Jay Jay brought that memory back and I laughed silly, thanking God I didn’t marry him cause he looked so pakcik-pakcik already! LOL 🙂


2 thoughts on “Of sensei and sifu

  1. Percicilan,
    It was a perfect weekend. Watching M.Nasir’s concert live and he sang Keroncong Untuk Ana, what possibly more could you ask for.
    I’ve always enjoyed his music, his simple style, his mind and most of all I like him because he swims againsts the current.

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