Of faces, geometry and integration

We took the homeschooling kids to the Islamic Art Museum just now. They enjoyed themselves tremendously especially during the guided tour and the craft session conducted by the museum officer. Fantastic management they had there and of course, it gave me a break from teaching the kids. I like their well-stocked kids library too and of course, their restaurant. We’ve been here a few times and I never get tired of it. The ongoing and ever changing exhibitions are always something to look forward to.

Two new exhibitions are ongoing: Muslims in Britain– The Art of Integration and the exhibition called Divine Inspiration, the 7 Principles of Islamic Architecture.

Pic taken from Islamic Art Museum website on Muslims In Britain

For Rm12 entrance free, it is definitely value for money and now I am considering being a volunteer there. And we were told by the staff today that the owner of this museum, not so recently named the richest Muslim Malaysian– whose mum made him donate half of his first salary when he first started working, is now an Italian (citizen). No longer a Malaysian–changed his nationality to that of an Italian. Cool.

It’s giving me ideas… 😛


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