Empty nest syndrome

In the most literal sense of the word, we are experiencing the empty nest syndrome right now. Not that we have grown up children who have married and left our home-we don’t even have kids of our own yet. Not that Milo has decided to move in with his Tabby girlfriend/wife/mating partner or whatever in the cats world they call their women. He is still pretty much at home. And Tito is still too young to join the band of Toms out there. So that leaves us with the literally empty bird nest in the backyard.

The egg, as written in one of the previous posts, hatched– followed by a week of frenzy feeding by the overly protective parents–in particular the father who kept thinking that Milo is after his little child. The husband actually was in time to see the little one made its first flight. I missed it, of course. Of course–because I seem not to have good chances of catching moments which are glorious and important, but again–that’s a different story and I digress. Anyway according to the husband the little one flew for a short flight to the electrical wire, which is about a metre away and back. He was excited about it. The husband I mean, not the little bird. It was like watching a child taking his first step.


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