… and a week later

…I am still alive. Carnivorous me on a meatless diet for one solid week which I never though I was able to do.

There were moments of pangs of longings especially when the advertisement for McDonald’s double beef patty burger ‘purposely’ dropped out of The Star newspaper in the morning, or passing Popeye’s Chicken on the way home, or the thought of Tony Roma’s ribs.

But the longings were sporadic and I was able to brush it off. It has been a week of fish and vegetables and other tofu things. It pushes me to be creative in recipes to make the dishes palatable especially to me.

But I am doing good and damn proud of myself. Something which I hardly ever am.


2 thoughts on “… and a week later

  1. ohh…yessss…, be creative, be creative, be creative when it comes to prepare the meals. Colorful food: roasted red bell pepper, zuchini, soft tofu, fennel bulb and sweet potatoes can open another door to healthy meal.

  2. Ana,
    Thanks so much. I must admit it is kind of tough to be creative in this department to the untrained chef but I just came back from MPH with Vegetarian Cookbooks so yes, it is not impossible

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