Of taking another ( food ) path

Somewhere in our not so distance past, as part of our spiritual (sufi-oriented) approach to our faith, that the consumption of meat, although perfectly allowed, is advised to be limited. I even read in the book of Sufi healing that during spiritual retreats or the khalwah, ” Ibn Arabi’s advice to avoid animal fat during retreats, stating  that “animal fat strengthens animality, and its principles will dominate the spiritual principles

The husband never had a problem with not eating meat as he was used to heavy duty travelling especially for work. There were many instances he landed himself in a place where halal meat was of no existence. However, I couldn’t. Like I said in one of my previous posts, I am almost a carnivorous and I have to have my meat. Just as I have to have my sambal or at least a cili padi and rice-the Jowo that I am ( but that’s a different story ).

So even though we have been on this spiritual path for quite a while now, abstinence, or even the effort of reducing the amount of meat from my diet was a no go for me. 

However, since the last two years we have been going for acupunture bekam/reflexology and for myself–massage theraphy. In all, I have been advised by the physicians to cut down on my meat intake as my blood circulation is not smooth and quite laden with toxic. My blood type, A+ is not compatible to meat/lactose/gluten. I ignored them all like some naggy old grandmothers because for a stubborn reason that I love food way too much. I love meat and I am a foodie through and through. I was not too particular on what I consume, as long as they are halal.

Last week I read some articles pertaining to my blood type, compared them with the notes I had from our naturopathy/homeopathy/dr/helenaofakubekam and found the common ground in all of them. It suddenly clicked that I really need to do someting about myself before I go down the same ‘walk of fame’ of that of my mother, my uncle, my aunt and my mum — all of whom were diagnosed with colon cancer. My uncle Pak Tam ( mum’s elder brother) died more than 15 years ago, my Mak Long is still alive but her battle was, as I remembered around ten years ago was quite a feat and mum’s trouble was discovered early and surgery took care of that in 2002. It also became urgent as I am, after all am no more young chick.

Taking things slow, I doubt I could switch to 100% vegetarianism. Hence I turned into something more manageable i.e Pescetarianism. It seems more manageable. I still consume fish and eggs and other seafood, but I weaned off meat and chicken/duck ( there goes my weekly duckrice at RASAKLCC ).

It has been five days and surprisingly, I feel good! I feel lighter, I remove my bowels more regularly and well too– as though the toxic is being flushed out of my body. And the best part is, I no longer feel gassy. I had gas problems. A very bad one at it and sometimes it got so bad it became embarressing! On another note which I find it difficult to explain– I feel more ‘spiritual’. I don’t get annoyed/angry/irritable as often as I did and I was able to show a remarkably higher level of patience towards the homeschooling kids, who are ‘special’ and can sometimes really push me off the roof.

I cannot afford a professional nutritionist of course to take care of my meals. But I use this book as a guideline

and of course my reliable physician drhelenaofakubekam to give me her sound advice and also the Book of Sufi Healing.


Maybe 10 years ago I wouldn’t care this much about my health. But I am not getting any younger, so I need to start somewhere, now.


10 thoughts on “Of taking another ( food ) path

  1. I venture to suggest that you feel kinder to others because in rejecting red meat, you also reject the utter and unIslamic cruelty subjected to poultry, cattle and sheep in the meat factories.
    To me, just because at the end of the day, an animal has his throat slit with the words bismillah, does not make halal all the horrible cruelties that it had to live through to get on our plate.
    Its like saying I will give you a tortured and horrible life, and it is perfectly Islamic, because when we kill you at the end, we say a prayer doing it.
    By forsaking poultry, cattle and sheep, you take a first step in putting a stop to this cruel madness.
    It is no different than refusing to consume outwardly “halal” money from “haram” sources.
    That’s why, realise it or not, your spirit feels purer – because it has cleansed itself of all the suffering of these animals.
    I verily believe that the cruelty inflicted on them, and the anguish they suffer, spiritually pollutes the meat, and hence pollutes our spirit when we ingest it.
    Welcome to the world of ethical dieting.

  2. I wish you all the best in trying to maintain the healthy diet of less red meat or meat in general! With all diet comes great challenges…so don’t give up when the scales are not going down!! 🙂

  3. Mudpie,
    Thanks and yes other than the above mentioned, it does open me up into a whole new world of vegetarian cooking which I find is very innovative and creative! And yes, I have been reading up on ethical eating these past few days as well and it does make sense. All of it.

  4. Rosaz,
    But on the contrary, I am not on this to lose weight. BUT because
    1) we are on a naturopathy program to help us conceive.

    2) I have a maternal family history of colon cancer, a whole line of them.

    3) as part of my spiritual journey…

    But of course if weight reduction comes along with it, I welcome it with wide open arms 🙂

  5. I have been cutting down my meat to..more because I am extremely allergic to them than ethical eating. But reading your entry and the comment piqed my curiosity. I should learn more about that.

    But it’s true what you said, you will feel lighter. And from my experience, it also means it leaves more room for fruits and veges which are all good! 😉

  6. Anonymous,
    I think it is worth the try…
    And I don’t think anyone can be more of a foodie than me who live to eat. But I guess, better be safe than sorry… 🙂

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