Of wearing colourful tags

With each Valentine’s Day, I remember the years in an all girls school where we had this tradition of making colourful tags with friendship messages and giving it out to our friends who would pin it on their pinafores.

It was always the case of whose tag was the most colourful and creative and also who was wearing the most tags. For the memory of it, one of the years, an ML1 classmate from the affiliated boy’s school plucked a leaf from the big tree outside the corridor of our classroom, gave it to me and said ‘Here, your Valentine’s day tag from me.’ And I remembered saying to him ‘ You are a good friend but also a cheapskate. Don’t do this to your girlfriend later in the future, understand?’ We laughed about it on the way home walking to the train station next to Chao Yang Special School.

Last I heard, he is now in NY and gay.


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