Today was my first visit to Zoo Negara.
We took the homeschooling kids for their English and Science lessons there and also for inculcating other values like responsibilities, caring and sharing and teamwork. On top of that, to test their observation skills on colours, patterns, habits and any other observable things.

On my part, I observed that Zoo Negara is not well taken care of. I find it a tad disappointing. I have been to Taping Zoo in Perak and the Miri Zoo in Sarawak so I had high hopes for this one. I found Taiping Zoo, in a way, better managed than this one.

For a National Zoo, I had expected more especially since I was a regular at its counterpart, The Mandai Zoo. The number of species were very limited and the whole messiness, plus several dirty areas left by previous construction works etc, makes it no wonder to me that there are not many visitors around. Noted that today is a weekday, but I have been to Mandai Zoo many times during weekdays and rain or shine, holidays or otherwise, the place would be teeming with people who honestly enjoy what they came for. Even the animal show was meek here to say the least.

But beggars can’t be choosers. Zoo Negara is the closest to us for whatever objectives we have planned for. We achieved them all and that is all that matters. And I got to take photos, so that was cool as well.


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