Of birds and chick

…and it was so noisy in the backyard yesterday but in a good way. The hummingbird couple was extraordinarily noisy but because by nature they make nice humming sound, we were not too disturbed by it. But we wondered why too. Were their eggs in danger? Did the vicious looking crows attack the pretty mother bird? Did Milo do anything he is not supposed to to? 

It was early this morning after subuh that the husband noticed a very tiny mouth peeking from the opening of the nest. So that was what the commotion was all about yesterday. One of the eggs hatched and the parents, from my perspective of a human being–were probably either 1) excited, 2) announcing to the whole wide world of a new addition to their family 3) scaring away potential predators. Of course, my assumption is benchmarked upon human’s standards on the norm of new parents- except for the predator part ( i’ve never lived in a cannibalistic society ). Now we like to peek into the backyard to see the feeding process, which is very heartwarming.

This warm, soft and fuzzy feeling we get, I guess is our reward for being patient with the whole gestation period. From the day the father bird decided our backyard was the place, to the two weeks he took to build the nest for his wife, messing the whole backyard with twigs and dried leaves and other construction materials, to moving the mother bird into the nest and waiting for her to lay her eggs. And watching her sit on her eggs. It was all a process, which we watch on a daily basis and a life science lessons with the kids here. The downside is that we have a daily dose of bird shit on our cemented backyard. Although it is not cool, we can live with it.

It’s amazing how I can just stand and watch the feeding process, letting time go by without realising it.


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