Double scoop, der fuhrer and counter productivity

Espresso and strawberry-banana, when joined one on top of the other in two scoops in a pink cup, made us a happy and contented afternoon. That’s two flavours for this week but I shared, so technically I ate only a scoop. 

Then we caught Tom Cruise as a German General in Valkyrie, which I think was not bad, but I felt that Cruise was better as the last samurai wannabe than a German general because he was a tad too soft to be a Nazi. Especially when his character, General Stauffenberg played the extremely crucial role of attempting to assasinate der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

Tomorrow is public holiday–again. Thaipusam. Last week it was holiday because of Hari Wilayah. There are too many holidays here I find it to be counter productive.


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